We accept children of all nationalities from ages 2 to 6 years old.

At Flowergarten we encourage children to learn English through total immersion of the English language while playing games, making crafts, participating in our various clubs, going on weekly trips, and learning about a new subject each week.

Not only do we encourage the children to learn English but we also aid them in developing socially and learning about new topics. Our staff consists mainly of native English speakers which promotes the children to learn English with the correct pronunciation and accent.

Our preschool is located in a pleasant Villa surrounded by a large garden and children's playground. The school's interior was designed according to Feng Shui system that helps to promote harmony and positive feeling while learning and playing.

  • Native speaking teachers
  • Outdoor trips, sport and cultural events
  • Various courses and classes
  • Logopedie
  • Regular dentist check ups in our preschool
  • Max 6 children per one qualified English speaking teacher
  • If monthly tuition paid in advanced we offer DISCOUNT
  • Special program for Preschool children

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FlowerGarten News

May, June 2015


We started May with the REVISION WEEK. We practiced English vocabulary from previous weeks and revised preschool skills (writing, logic and space orientation, mathematics, general knowledge). Children enjoyed the atmosphere of Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague these days and wanted to make ice hockey crafts. Each of them created an ice hockey rink with lines and we made a list of countries participating in the tournament.

Next week we dealt with COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. We extended our knowledge of flags and worked out a lot of worksheets concerning them. We drew maps of our "dream country" and found names for them. Children talked about them and compared their ideas. In preschool education we concentrated on "sequence the story" tasks and practiced meanings of numbers (children had to draw objects according to the numbers etc.).

In TRANSPORTATION week, which is always a favourite topic of boys, we practiced and learnt new means of transport vocabulary. Lilies tried to cut out various means of transport from construction paper. We drew a special attention to traffic signs and traffic rules. We discussed what right and wrong is in the streets and on the roads and learnt meanings of traffic signs. Children had to prove their knowledge of traffic signs in a number of activities, tasks and worksheets.

After one week at OUTDOOR SCHOOL where we consolidated our knowledge of farm animals, trained walking stamina and enjoyed sports and riding horses, we skipped to SUMMER topic. We made some arts and crafts such as boats, suns and beaches. Liles made a huge poster of  "Yellow Submarine" and learnt almost the complete lyrics of this famous Beatles song.

May 2015

Roses and Tulips

In the first week we spent our time reviewing past material. We covered our shapes and colours with flash cards. Traced outlines and coloured in STARS, OVALS, CIRCLES, SQUARES, RECTANGLES, TRIANGLES, and HEARTS. When we talked about our ABC's we pointed to the letters that started our individual names that are painted on our wall and discussed other words that began with the same letter. We arranged flashcards with numbers on them in order from 1-10, practiced tracing our numbers, and finished worksheets where we matched numbers to their correct number of items. In the second week we travelled around the world.

We discussed and coloured in the seven continents NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, and ANTARCTICA and what different countries we know of in the continents as well as different animals that happen to live there. We talked about where we have been on vacation with our families and where we would like to go in the future.

In order to visit these counties we made passports and coloured in flags of the counties we were travelling to. In the third week we covered different types of transportation CAR, BOAT, TRAIN, BUS, MOTORBIKE, WALKING, SPACE-SHIP, HOT AIR BALLOON, RAFT, BICYCLE, HORSE, HELICOPTER, SKATEBOARD, SHIP, AIRPLANE, SUBMARINE, TRAM, METRO, and ROCKET SHIP. We each made a few transportation devices out of modelling clay. On worksheets we coloured, cut, and pasted different transportation to their appropriate place SEA, AIR, LAND, and OUTER SPACE and drew our favourite ways to travel around the world or universe.

In the last week the Roses and a few of the Tulips went to Outdoor School where they spent their time on walks, riding horses, and learning and enjoying nature. Those Tulips and a few others that did not join OS went on walks of their own to the nearby river and fed the ducks and sailed a boat they made. We also took the opportunity to review that which we might have struggled with throughout the year with most of the older children away in nature.

April 2015


We had two major topics in April. After Easter we focused on NEW LIFE. We learnt names of baby animals in English and discussed  how different animals grow and change during their "childhood". We mentioned chicken, frog, ant or butterfly life cycles. Children competed in "PEXETRIO" tournament where they had to find not two but three same pictures in order to collect a "trio" and thus score points.

Next couple of week we dealt with SENSES. Variety of activities such as songs, rhymes, games, experiments, worksheets, circle time discussions, videos or practical exercises helped us to prove and understand the existence of five senses. Lilies especially loved games that tested their senses. In Hearing Game they listened to sounds of objects and then they tried to draw them. In Touching Games they touched things in a bag and guessed what they were touching or had to recognize a number of dots on domino blocks. In Smelling and Touching Games they made a guess what they were feeling with their noses or tongues.

Roses and Tulips

In the first week we spent our time on Eater crafts and activities, making shaving cream eggs, Easter cards for parents, and an Easter egg hunt at the end of the week. In the second week we discussed the names of animals and learned the names of their offspring and talked about the lifecycles of frogs and butterflies. We continued to water the plant we seeded the weeks before and could see them flourish in the garden. The next two weeks we devoted our time to the FIVE SENSES: HEARING, SEEING, TOUCHING, TASTING, and SMELLING.

We smelled and tasted different FRUITS and VEGETABLES blind and guessed what they were. We played a Hearing game where we tried to match the same sounding objects together blindfolded. Items in jars included: pasta, rice, dried fruit, nuts, oats, etc. We also tested our tactile senses by placing objects in socks and drew what we felt the shapes to be. In the last week we spent our time on the FAMILY, where we brought in different pictures of family members who they were: MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, AUNT, UNCLE, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, COUSINS. We made our immediate family out of straws, beads, and string. We also made family trees and drew family portraits including animals that are part of the family.

March 2015

During the first week we talked about different types of weather: SUNNY, RAINY, CLOWDY, SNOWY. We made Mr. Cloud who had raindrops and lightening on his arms and hands. We also made rainbows which utilized their motor skills by ripping and scrunching tiny balls of crape paper and gluing it into the shape of an arch. During circle time we talked about the current weather and the different types of clothing we would need to be outside. In the second and third weeks we spent our time learning about spring. We planted seeds in the garden and watered them regularly in the afternoon. We made finger painted still art, toilet paper roll painted flowers, and sang spring themed songs: SPRING IS HERE, FLOWERS FLOWERS EVERYWHERE, THREE SPECLED FROGS.

26. 3. 2015 - Spring

SPRING was our topic in recent two weeks. This topic corresponded to warmer and sunnier weather outside which allowed us to go for trips and do some gardening. During our class art and craft activities we made various flowers. We used different techniques such as drawing, painting, modelling or cutting out. We talked about spring weather, changes in nature and activities we can do outside. One of the longest art activity was making Crepe Rainbows. We also devoted a lot of time to the practice of preschool skills and improvement of knowledge in traffic signs, flags, car makes or fruit and vegetable recognition.

22. 2. 2015 - Planet Earth

Last week we focused on planet Earth. We talked about its position in the Solar System, we learnt names of all the continents and we created several arts and crafts concerning the topic. Lilies placed the continents to the right place or recognized shapes of them. We made a huge class world map and an animal world map. Children became animal experts who know habitats of lots of animal species all around the world.

12 - 23. 01. 2015 - PLACES IN A TOWN

Last week we focused on PLACES IN A CITY. Both boys and girls loved making a city plan of their own with cut-out buildings and houses and roads, rivers, railways and means of transport drawn by pencils. We refreshed old vocabulary concerning the topic and learnt new words through our discussions, funny songs and educational programmes. We also started learning traffic signs and their meanings. In the end, Lilies should be able to explain meanings of traffic signs in English. Next to that, we also made and filled in a lot of worksheets, and exercises developing our writing, logic, mathematical or graphic skills.

Roses and Tulips
In the second week we moved to the topic of PLACES IN A TOWN where we discussed different places that are located in a town. We went over vocabulary terms RESTAURANTS, SUPERMARKETS, POST OFFICE, PARKS, SCHOOLS, and other SHOPS through pictures in a book, for some it was new for others a good review. We also played RESTAURANT and other SHOP retailers and took turns selling and buying goods. The Roses even made their own TOWN on a map according to what they liked. They were full of trains, schools, buses, swimming pools, restaurants, bake shops, houses, and much more.


5 - 9. 01. 2015 -  WINTER CLOTHING

In the first week of January we covered WINTER CLOTHING and WEATHER. We discussed the different types of clothing we need for different types of cold weather, if it is rainy, snowy, windy as well as becoming familiar with vocabulary terms MITTENS, SCARF, HAT, JUMPER, JACKET, GLOVES, and PANTS/TROUSERS. We made mittens the first day and colored, cut, and glued winter clothing to the appropriate body part the next. We even had a GET DRESSED in WINTER CLOTHING RACE which brought a lot of laughs. 

22. 12. 2014

1. – 5. 12. 2014 – Christmas and winter

Last week we started our favourite topic - CHRISTMAS and WINTER. We practiced a few Christmas songs and carols, made some decorations and ornaments and talked about celebrating Christmas. We discussed what we would like Baby Jesus to bring under Christmas trees. In our preschool education we practiced cutting, counting and making puzzles. We particularly focused on writing and drawing skills. The number of Lilies remained the same after a visit of St. Nicolas, Devil and Angel because they were good last year and most of them sang a song or said a rhyme to our visitors.

17. - 21. 11. 2014 - Body parts

BODY PARTS was our last week´s topic. We revised the vocabulary we had already known before and learnt some new words describing some parts of our body. Lilies put together bodies of a boy and a girl from a few paper parts such as a head, arms, legs and a body. We also coloured in a realistic outline of two of the Lilies. Children traced their hands with pencils and then cut them out. Lilies tried to sculpt themselves from modelling clay. We sang "Head and Shoulders" and "Hokey Pokey" song and  also trained recognising "right" and "left" sides.

10. – 14. 11. 2014 – Animals


We dealt with ANIMALS theme in last two weeks. We did a variety of activities and tried to improve and extend animal vocabulary. Lilies practiced their preschool skills in a lot of worksheets testing their general knowledge, logical and concentration skills or cutting with scissors. We tried to deploy different animals of into their habitat (a jungle/rainforest, a desert, savannah, a Czech forest, an ocean). We made "number caterpillar", a paper camel or snail in our art and crafts activities. Lilies also practiced names of baby animals. We sang Old McDonald song and many other rhymes and songs mentioning animals in their texts and lyrics.

Roses and Tulips

Our Animal theme continued into last week where the Roses made Black Sheep on Monday. Ba-Ba-Black Sheep song was one of many animal songs sung during circle time and it continued on into our arts and crafts. The Roses cut out shapes of the body and head, glued them to a background, attached cotton (wool) to the bodies, and drew faces on their sheep. Next we discussed the different types of names baby and adult animals have, for example chicken to chick, cow to calf, dog to puppy, etc. Afterwards the Roses completed worksheets matching adult animals to their offspring and colouring in baby animals by what they look like in real life. Mid week the Roses and Lillies went on a filed-trip to Mnisek, so in the afternoon we made roosters because it was one of the animals we saw inside the castle. Each of the kids traced their hand, cut it out, and attached their comb (hand), wattles, beak, and drew eyes to each rooster. On the day of doctor's visit, in teams the Roses built a zoo out of Legos. We talked about the different animals they had, what they might eat, and live if they were not in the zoo. We finished animal week off with animal poses in yoga. Each of the Roses and Lillies got a chance to pick out different animal cards and try each animal pose in the formation.

27. - 31. 10. 2014 - Halloween party

Our Halloween theme continued into last week where as a group we painted orange and black coloured lanterns. In the afternoon we made Halloween shapes and figures out of wax mold. To prepare for the Halloween Party, the Roses coloured in a gigantic Jack-o-lantern and painted faces on the Ghost throws while the Tulips coloured in a big Black Cat. During the party everyone had a chance to show their skills and throw the ghosts through the Jack-o-lantern, to Pin the Tail on the Black Cat, to Bob for apples, or to dance their bones off during the Skeleton Dance. Everyone did very well no matter if they were a Tulip, a Rose, or a Lilly. As we move onto the subject of animals and as the hedgehog is an animal that is part of our song list during Autumn circle time, on Friday we closed off the week by making Hedgehogs who were safe and sound on a bed on a bed of grass.

20. – 24. 10. 2014 - Halloween

Last week we started the first half of our two-week topic HALLOWEEN - one of the most popular part of the school year. Lilies did a variety of activities. They glued small pieces of orange paper to create a Jack O´Lantern pumpkin. Then we added black shapes to finish faces of the pumpkins (diamonds for eyes, a triangle for a nose and a crescent for a mouth). We practiced writing skills through finishing a spider web with parallel lines and made black fingerprints to create funny spiders.

Everyone had to draw four pairs of legs to the spiders. Our listening skills were examined when Lilies had to colour in different monsters on a Halloween colouring page. We also practiced writing numbers, visual skills or tried to order pictures chronologically. During circle times we tried to brush off one of the nursery rhymes - ´Flutter, Flutter Little Bat´. We are looking forward to the second part of our Halloween in FlowerGarten.

Roses and Tulips
Last week we started working on projects related to Halloween. The Roses made their own spiderweb and little spiders using each of their fingers, together we counted the number of legs a spider has, and made sure all eight were attached to each spider. Next, the Roses made pumpkin mosaic jack-o'-lanterns, where they glued orange scraps into the blank pumpkin shape. Each of the Roses chose their own eyes, nose, and mouth from a variety of jack-o'-lantern patterns which were later attached to the pumpkin mosaic. The Roses next project was to colour in a Halloween picture full of Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Cats, Bats, a Haunted House, and the like. Their listening skills and attention to follow step-by-step directions was exercised in their accomplishment to colour the Witches face Green, the Bats Black, the front Door Blue, as well as spacial orientation as in the Goblin to the left of the Tree Orange, etc. Finally, we made Skeletons to match the Skeleton Dance Song the kids enjoy so much where we covered the different body parts of the Skeleton Man.

17. 10. 2014 – Amazing outdoor school

Last week we spent amazing four days at outdoor school in Šibeniční vrch near Mnichovice. Luckily, it rained only at night or early in the morning so we could have fun outside for the most of the time. We went for several walks, played at the playground, but also had circle times every morning after breakfast. On our walks we surprisingly saw ´exotic´ animals such as turkeys and llamas. We picked blackberries, walnuts and apples. On our trip to Mnichovice we refueled energy in a sweetshop and had a very interesting lecture at the fire station. Food was great and all of us had a very good time at outdoor school.

29. 9. – 3. 10. – Shapes

This week we focused on SHAPES and how to recognize them as well as where we can find shapes all around us. The Roses worked on building things out of shapes such as a house as well as joined efforts to build a palace out of different coloured and shaped building blocks. We spent time reviewing our colours from last week and basic shapes, such as circle, square, triangle and the like while incorporating newer shapes, like crescent and cross in the end of the week. Each of the Roses made a Gingerbread Shape Man which incorporated all the shapes they have learned throughout the week. On this task we also focused on improvement of our colouring skills such as staying within the lines of the shape and colouring the picture completely.

22. – 26. 9. 2014 – Alphabet

Last week we focused on ALPHABET. Children trained spelling and writing single letters. We worked in groups and used our alphabet puzzles to put letters into the right order. Children filled in ´Alphabet Maze´ where they had to find a correct way according to the order of letters. We had a lot of fun playing ´Letter Hunt´ game in the gym. Lilies were looking for small cards with letters spilt all around on the floor. Stamp printing and finger painting were our creative alphabet activities. We also decorated our classroom with all the letters of the alphabet. Next to it, we sang ABC Song and learnt new words from flashcards.

15. -19. 9. 2014 - Numbers

We focused on NUMBERS in the third week of the school year. All the Lilies can count from 1-10 so we tried to do activities extending and consolidating knowledge of numbers. Children practiced matching numbers to a quantity of various objects, writing and putting numbers together into the correct order. Next to it, we sang a few songs with numbers in their lyrics. In order to improve our motoric skills, we made bead necklaces and trained concentration in some worksheets.

8. - 12. 9. 2014 - Colours 2

We focused on COLOURS again in the second week of the new school year. Next to preschool activities like writing or graphomotorics, we spend a lot time mixing colours. Lilies learnt that we can make new colours by mixing blue, red and yellow. We also distinguished dark and light colours. Especially girls can recognize two shades of green, blue, purple or brown.... not grey! :-) Children enjoyed fun during playing Colour Hunt game. They had to search for various objects of a certain colour in the garden and fetch them to the teacher.

1. - 5. 9. 2014 - Colours

Our opening week of the new school year was full of activities. We practiced writing and drawing skills. Our first theme of the year was COLOURS. We made rainbows by sticking tiny pieces of coloured paper into seven different stripes of rainbow. We also played Colour Game and practiced singing "Sing a Rainbow" song and saying "Red, Red, Red, Touch Your Head" rhyme. To decorate our classroom, which had been painted green and yellow in August, Lilies made a poster with their handprints and names.


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